Founded in 1984, the Hudson Cove Yacht Club is dedicated to the support of yachting and associated programs for its members. The club promotes skilled seamanship and fellowship through racing, cruising, social and educational activities for both sailors and powerboaters.  

Law Places Limit on Oil Tankers in                              Hudson

NY TZ Bridge Channel Closures

Steve Pendleton receives the Michael Hinchman award for his many years of dedicated service to the Hudson Cove Yacht Club. Along with his First Mate Charlotte, he has served as a Commodore, Fleet Captain, and  Board Member since 1986. We truly appreciate all of their contributions!
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Board of Governors Meeting
Monday, Jan 8, 7:00pm

General Membership Budget Meeting
Friday, Jan 19, 7:30pm
Marina Conf Center

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Riverkeeper's  Clean Water Quality  Report